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Thread: chris chambers autos

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    chris chambers autos

    i have had several offers on these two cards but no deals have been reached. i would like to trade one and keep one but i will listen to any offer. let me know, anyone

    chris chambers 2001 press pass #/250
    chris chambers 2001 press pass class of 2001 #/100

    will sell or trade for autos, game-used, or good rookies that i really like. thanks

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    i may want the one numbered to /100...wut does it book...lmk all the game used and autos u like from my site...(football is at the bottom)

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    I would be willing to trade for either one. What is the BV of each of them?

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    I also would be interested what or who are you looking for?

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    sorry guys, i just got home from work. let me get back to you in a few

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    the one that is #ed/100 books 50.00 and the one #ed/250 books thirty

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    i'm interested in your tim brown, marcus knight autos, lmk if these are still aviable and what you need for them($$) check my trade page(there's some chrome rookies there if interested).....thanx .....joe

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    im interested in the one bv30, lmk wut game used u like from me

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