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Thread: new lakers

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    new lakers

    as some of you know...the Los Angeles Lakers sign Karl Malone, Gary Payton.... i think they will do amazing with:
    fox- small forward
    malone- power forward
    shaq- center

    in my opinion that is an all-star line up

    how do you think they will do?

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    Fox is out with a torn Peroneal Longus tendon, at least until Jan 2004

    Devean George is now the starter.

    And I think the Lakers are the odds-on favorite to win it all

    If Shaq is healthy and willing to condition himself well, they'll win even with Kobe in jail

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    yeah they would win it even with kobe in jail! LOL

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    ah malone and payton look so good in gold

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    I think it depends on how healthy they are come playoff time. Their bench is still weak. If any of their four all-stars gets injured (or goes to jail) then it significantly decreases their chances of winning a championship. If all four all-stars are healthy when the playoffs arrive they are easily the favorites.

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    actually, weve got a decent bench now, with rush, pargo, cook, and fisher

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    LeChuck -- I agree. That's what makes Phil Jackson so special; he knows how to get the team to perform at their peak near playoff times

    And that's what the Lakers basically did in their 3 titles.

    Last year; Shaq was just totally out of shape, and then injuries hit Fox

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    you heard it from me first they wont even make the playoffs!

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    Pargos is #1

    Pargos is gunna be scorin 13 a game this year and getting decent minutes. He is the lakers future. He will rock

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