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    AI reebok

    does anyone remember the old iverson sneaker cards?? r they worth anything?:hop:

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    i have his old red ones i still wear them...they are soon going to fall apart...i would love to find a pair of new they probably arent worth much unless they are brand never worn...

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    oo... i was talking about the cards theyve got iverson on the front w. his shoes in the backround.... they were made in i think his rookie season

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    those are 97-98 Skybox
    There are 5 versions
    I have the first three...they book 2,4,10 respectively the last time i checked, the emerald is $20 and the ruby is $50

    they were randomly inserted

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    i have the A5 shoes they were the most comfortable things ever and mine are about to fall apart and those cards sound interesting

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