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Thread: the best

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    the best

    what does everyone think the best kinds of cards are to collect... i think that baseball and basketball are the " funnest" to collect... is funnest a word?

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    basketball seems to be worth the most...
    Baseball is diluted with the prospect and non-star jerseys and RCs, basketball is valuable at all levels
    however , for really highend stuff, baseball is the best by far

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    in general, baseball cards are the best, b/c of the rich heritage of the sport.....going all the way back to 1890s.

    football and basketball cards aren't that old. Not many savor old football cards like they covet 1940s Bowman

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    Welp I would have to say without going back into history and looking at ALL of the different players that are in their respective sports it would all depend on what you like to collect. Even though that baseball has more of an interesting and older history behind it I would not be able to say it is the best kind for me cause I like football. I have tried to collect all 4 sports, not at the same time, and for some reason football has always had an appeal to me followed by basketball. No matter what happens in the world I will prolly always have football as my choice. :)


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    I would say baseball with hockey coming in 2nd unless your in Canada or Sweden,Norway,Finland etc then its the other way around.

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    i think baseball but maybe thats only becasue thats all i want to collect and i want to get rid of my other

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    I gotta go with baseball.
    I am a baseball card fanatic and in what other sport can you get buyback cards to get turn of the century, 100 year old cards?
    Can't wait for the day when i pull one.

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    basketball is what i like it does have a lot of worth to the cards

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    i gotta go with basketball
    it is my favorite sport to watch lots of stars good rookies and baseball cards have far to many types and brands and sets basketball doesnt seem as overcrowded a market

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    I prefer basketball cards, but I can't argue with the tradition of baseball cards. Football is okay (during the season), and hockey not at all...

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