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Thread: i want these

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    i want these

    i dont have much money but lookin for some descent cards such as tracy mcgrady or ai gu for somewhere around 10$ or below
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    i might be able to get one for you
    is there anyone else you are looking for?

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    both are iverson
    2001 SP Game Floor Game Used Floor
    2000 UD Hardcourt Game Used Floor


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    i usually dont collect floor cards i just like jersey and warmup

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    check my site, you are already getting the mobley hot materials from me...i could probably sell most of the stuff on the game used section except for the garnett jerseys

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    how much for the jamal mashburn auto
    and have you got the money for the mobley yet

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    havent got the mobley $ yet, should get here tomorrow or not selling my autos, sry

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    thats ok not interested in anything else though thanx and hope you get money soon

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    ill let you know when i get it
    there is the possibility i could get an iverson jersey tomorrow


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