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Thread: SCF Member Generosity

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    SCF Member Generosity

    Stories like this is why this hobby is so great. Oscar(mr. ozzie) is truly a hobbyist!

    Do you have any good stories to share about other SCF members hooking you up? Let's hear them!
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    I love stories like this, I have been hooked up a few times by some great members on here, I have also tried to hook a few up myself, nothing grand as I don't have a lot of cash but I have tried to hook people up. Daniel
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    I'm new to this business, I'm only here because FanaticHockey gave me a bunch of his cards to start off, 19 to be exact. He gave me a Toews card which generated a lot of interest and got me started and now I'm here.

    I'd also like to thank themontrealer for being such a generous guy, I realized I made a mistake in a trade, and he was so nice that he threw in another card to make up for it. Nice guy. This hobby is amazing.

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    Thats AWESOME!!!! love to hear stories like that!!!! makes this hobby great!!


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    It sure is nice when members share positive experiences here on SCF. Nice read!

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