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Thread: Kobe4mvp34 ip sucess thread...

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    Kobe4mvp34 ip sucess thread...

    iv'e been getting ip's for around 20 years now and here are some of my successes.this year-

    team signed rangers base-hamilton,kinsler and more
    i also got hamilton on a helmet and a ball

    team signed whitesox base-peavy and lie 15 more.
    team signed twins bat-Maure jersey
    redsox base-with only 6 guys(tough team)i did get ortiz on a ball and scurtiro on a ball.
    nationals-signed base-with everyone except strasburg i got him the night before he pitched at the game on a sweetspot.he signed like 15.

    im doing the blue jays and Oakland this week and then next week the Yankees.i will let you guys know how it goes.

    i also did the memorial golf tournament in Columbus at the beginning of month and here is how i did.
    i got 67 guys on a multi signed glass golf ball-its the size of a basketball.
    i got Jack Nicholas on a flag and a 12x16 painting and i got a ton of white sheets signed was great and i can't wait to do it again next year.

    if anyone on here is graphing in cleveland soon-pm and i can tell you were the team is staying.i believe in helping out other seekers.not hiding info.

    pcmb for pics of some of the stuff i got signed...
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    congrats and I like that you want to help out to many times people won't help out

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    thanks-and i know why not help out other collector' if anyone needs info just ask and i will help.

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    bluejays-i got a team base signed buy pretty much everone-great signing team.
    next oakland...

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    When did you get Wells? He totally ignored everyone at the parking lot this afternoon. I didn't go to the game bc they won't let me take my bats in and I hate the Ritz so I wasn't waiting across the street over there.

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    i got him at the ritz yesterday morning-come on you dont like almost getting hit by cars to get autographs?lol.

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    did the a's the other day got 16 guys on a team base great signing team-braden signed once...

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    Detroit next-i will let you guys now how it goes-yankees soon.

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    where are you getting the in person twins signatures at?

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