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    Looking for Terrell Suggs autos or jerseys..

    Got one on the way. And looking to add more to my collection. Also looking for players at th bottom of my post.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I got a nice looking UD P&P Dual jersey Terrell Suggs/ Wendell Bryant.
    I also Have the 2003 Topps DPP McGahee G/u Jersey Foilboard

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    Are looking for trades or to sell them. I'm trying to make trades, butseem to end up buying cards at the end of the day. Thanks for the reply.

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    i have A SAGE mcgahee jersey that books 40, an ultra terrell suggs that books 8-10, a portis fleer showcase that books 30, a lelie fleer authentix that books 25, david boston ultra rookie that books 10, michael vick bowman rookie that books 10, urlacher dominion rookie that books 5, portis adreniline and mvp rookies that book like 5-8, and a couple more david boston rookies that book 4-6...plmk whut u have for trade or make some offers involving alot, -Ben

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    I have a Suggs from SAGE my son is willing to trade for other rookies? LMK. Thanks Ray

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    I am willing to trade if you have something I am intersted in or cash either one. Let me know what you have

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    I have the Topps Dp & P foil BV $30. LMK what you have of the same value. Also have a Sage Hit Emerald Auto BV $20

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    I like Portis, G/U, and auto rookie stuff, Raiders, Shockey, Palmer

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