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Thread: Great Mailday!!

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    Great Mailday!!

    Sorry I haven't been very active lately, life has a way of messing with you when you are down. But I am back in the swing of things, hopefully,lol. Wanted to show you'all a card that I've been waiting on for awhile now and two that came in with it!

    This one is pretty high in my Waltrip PC!!

    This one is graded by GMA as a gem 10......think ill leave it in the case for protection anyway:)

    Thanks for looking, and I finally learned how to post my pics instead of attaching them!!!WOOHOO!!!!!

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    sweet grade on the Ambrose and a nice low #d MW auto-congrats!

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    Very nice mailday.
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    I will trade or buy for needed Brad Keselowski items

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    Awesome stuff man!!! Congrats on all the sweet adds!!!

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