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Thread: 2010 So Far...

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    2010 So Far...

    at the midpoint of the collecting year. So far not bad-couldve done better but school gets in the way lol.

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    SWEET lookin 2010 PC so far Stephen!! Alot of nice eye candy there!! Congrats!


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    wow nice pickups was gonna ask if you need any Sig Series from this year but see you got them, same with the Red Premium auto. I just got those in....If I pull any nice ones out of Showcase I'll keep you in mind. Congrats on the nice additons.

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    Wow man, some awesome stuff there! I love the 4-wide, it just seems to stand out from the rest, but they're all sweet! Congrats on all the adds so far, can't wait to see what you have added by the end of the year!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bouncer View Post
    awesome collection.

    lmk if you would like to add these two to your collection.
    got both thanks!

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    That is just superior! Awesome!
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