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Thread: Vick GU for trade

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    Vick GU for trade

    I have a 03 Fleer Showcase GU jsy white Footballs Best Vick jsy BV 40
    I'm looking for Portis RC's nice ones, Ramsey, Lelie, McGahee, Leftwich, Rogers, Lee Suggs, and 03 Chrome/Refractor RC's, Antonio Bryant, Koren Robinson, Chad Johnson, would consider autos as well or GU....

    thanks Clay

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    I have one thats in really great shape....Do you have anything else...

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    not of those players
    i have a 2001 trvis henry jersey auto rc i wouldint trade that for the vick though

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    what is the bv on the henry...Is it in perfect shape....

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    y ai boght the box and put it right away in a top loder its in beautiful shape

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    my personal opinion it should be 80 because bennett is booked at 80 and didint evn have as many td's or rushing as henry

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