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    Use SCF eBay Search - Support SCF!

    While we have a VIP Membership, the vast majority of SCF members have a free membership. SCF will always be a FREE site with premium services. Most of our website bills are paid by our sponsors/partners.

    The vast majority of our users use eBay to assist with their sports card needs. At the top of SCF is a "eBay Search Feature." Please use this search as a portal to eBay.

    By using SCF as a starting point, we get credit for your activity on eBay. Along with our VIP Membership and other sponsors, this keeps SCF FREE and pays for upgrades, prizes and Card Cash pack sales at zero cost to you!

    We also have a eBay Profile tool that will allow you to browse your favorite eBay keyword on SCF.

    Thanks for your support and for using our eBay search feature!

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    I didn't know that SCF gets credit for members using the eBay search box. I'll be sure my next searches go through this venue.

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