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Thread: My sell list!

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    My sell list!

    This is my sell list! I am looking to get rid of everything! With ever purchase I will throw in extras! Please help me get rid of this and if there is something you like just make an offer! I will go pretty cheap on most of it. LMK what you need!

    football gu/autos/graded

    03 Sage autos
    Jerome McDougle
    Terry Pierce
    Kliff Kingsbury

    03 Sage Hit auto
    Sammy Davis

    98 Collectors Edge rookie ink Robert Holcombe (pending)

    Eric Moulds GU (pending)
    02 Private Stock Titanium
    03 Playoff Prestige League Leader Jerseys Moulds/ Keyshawn Johnson #136/250
    02 Fleer Maximum Dressed to Thrill (3 color)

    Drew Bledsoe GU
    01 Fleer Showcase Patchworks
    00 Fleer Feel The Game

    other Bills GU
    2002 Pacific Game Worn Jerseys 6 Travis Henry
    02 SPX Winning Materials Rookies Josh Reed (huge piece of jersey!)
    02 Topps Pristine All-Rookie Team Mike Williams

    0ther GU
    01 Fleer Hot Prospects Scoring Kings Ron Dayne
    03 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects Seneca Wallace

    00 Collectors EdgeGraded High Numbers PSA 10 Jerry Porter
    00 Collectors Edge Masters Retail PSA 10 Ron Dayne
    00 UD Graded SGC 96 Doug Chapman

    Basketball auto
    02-03 UD Inspirations Dual Signatures John Salmons/Gerald Wallace #0271/1600

    Baseball auto
    00 Just the Preview 2K USA 9.5 Mike Darr

    Football Rookies/Inserts(sorted by team which may not be completely accurate to this year!)

    Miami Dolphins
    99 Coll. Edge triumph Ricky Williams
    99 Stadium Club Chrome Preveiw Ricky Williams
    00 Impact Rewind ‘99
    02 Fleer Maximum Jay Feildler K Corps 3000 #2643/3290
    99 Score Dan Marino Scoring Core
    95 Upper Deck A Cut Above Dan Marino
    97 Donruss Preferred National Treasures Dan Marino
    02 Topps Leonard Henry
    01 Topps Chris Chambers
    99 Finest james Johnson
    00 Fleer Rookies to Watch Deon Dyer/ Todd Wade

    Houston Texans
    02 Bowman Jonathen Wells
    02 Bowman Jarrod Baxter
    02 Fleer Platinum Inside the Playbook David Carr#235/400

    New York Jets
    00 Coll. Edge Masters Future Masters Anthony Becht #1799/2000
    00 fleer Rookies to Watch Laveraneus Coles/Anthony Becht
    00 Sage Hitt Laveraneus Coles
    01 Topps Jamie Henderson
    00 Dominnion John Abraham/ Shaun Ellis
    00 Metal Shaun Ellis Precious Metal Rookies
    01 Topps LaMont Jordan
    00 UD Legends Defining Momments Joe Namath

    Minnesota Vikings
    98 UD Black Diamond Randy Moss
    99 Topps Season Opener Daunte Culpepper
    01 Press Pass SE Old School Michael Bennett
    00 UD Legends Reflections in Time Randy Moss/Harold Carmichael

    ST. Louis Rams
    00 Fleer Trung Canidate
    00 Dominion Trung Canidate/ Reuben Droughns
    00 Topps Gold Label After Burners Marshall Faulk
    01 Topps Heritage New Age Performers Marshall Faulk
    00 SP Authentic SP Athletic Marshall Faulk
    99 Victory Season Leaders Marshall Faulk

    Kansas City Cheifs
    00 Topps Stars Sylvester Morris
    97 Upper Deck Star Rookie Tony Gonzalez

    Arizona Cardinals
    00 Hit Thomas Jones
    00 UD MVP Thomas Jones
    00 EX Generation E-X Thomas Jones
    00 Ultra Head of Class Thomas Jones
    99 Collectors Edge advantage David Boston
    99 Collectors Edge Odyssey Fourth Quarter Millenium Collection

    Seattle Seahawks
    00 Collectors Edge Supreme Perfect 10 Shaun Alexander

    Cleveland Browns
    00 Upper Deck Star Rookie Dennis Northcutt
    00 Dominion Dennis Northcutt
    01 UD Vintage Gerard Warren

    Pittsburgh Steelers
    99 Topps Stars Troy Edwards
    99 Stadium Club Troy Edwards
    99 UD MVP Troy Edwards
    00 UD MVP Plaxico Burress
    00 Impact Plaxico Burress (X2)
    00 Fleer Mystique Big Buzz Plaxico Burress
    00 UD Legends Rookie Gallery Plaxico Burress
    98 Collectors Edge Rookie Masters Chris Fuamatu-Ma’ amafala #0009/2500
    00 Hit tee Martin
    00 Dominion Tee Martin

    Carolina Panthers
    02 Topps Julius Peppers

    Chicago Bears
    00 Hit Brian Urlacher
    99 Skybox Cade McNown
    01 Press Pass David Terrell

    Baltimore Ravens
    00 Collectors Edge Odyssey Jamal Lewis #xxx/999
    00 UD MVP Jamal Lewis
    00 Bowman Jamal Lewis
    00 Sage Chris Redman

    Washington Redskins
    99 bowman Chrome Champ Bailey
    01 EX Fred Smoot #1295/1500
    00 Metal Leon Murray Precious Metal Rookies
    02 Topps Patrick Ramsey

    Atlanta Falcons
    01 Topps Alge crumpler
    99 Collectors Edge Advantage Perless Price
    99 UD MVP Perless Price

    New Orleans Saints
    99 Skybox Aaron Brooks

    Phillidelphia Eagles
    99 Skybox Donovan McNabb
    00 Collectors Masters Legends Donovan McNabb #2074/5000

    Green Bay Packers
    91 Pro Set Brett Favre
    99 victory Season Leaders Brett Favre
    00 Fleer Bubba Franks
    00 Stadium Club Bubba Franks

    Denver Broncos
    01 Donruss Elite Prime Numbers Mike Anderson #135/200
    00 Bowman Deltha O’Neal

    San Francisco 49ers
    01 Press Pass SE Kevan Barlow
    00 Skybox Tim Rattay
    00 UD MVP Tim Rattay
    00 Hit John Engelberg
    99 Skybox Terry Jackson
    02 Bowman Kevin Curtis
    00 UD Legends Defining Momments

    Detroit Lions
    99 Ultra Caught in the Draft Chris Claibourne
    00 Hit Reuben Droughns NRG
    00 collectors Edge Masters K-Klub Herman Moore #0099/3000

    Dallas Cowboys
    00 UD Legends Defining Moments Troy Aikman
    96 Pacific Power Corps Troy Aikman
    99 Score Great Combos Aikman/ Emmitt Smith
    02 Fleer Decade of Dominance Emmtt Smith
    00 dominion Extra Michael Wiley
    00 Hit Michael Wiley

    New York Giants
    97 Collectors Choice Rookie Class Ike hillard
    97 Score Draft Class Ike Hillard
    97 Skybox Ike Hillard
    97 Playoff First and Ten Tiki Barber
    00 Impact Rewind ‘99 Amani Toomer
    99 Skybox Joe Montgomery
    00 Collectors Edge Master Ron Dayne
    00 Topps Gold Label Ron Dayne
    00 Fleer Throwbacks Ron Dayne
    00 Bowman Ron Dayne
    00 Collectors Edge Masters Majestic Ron Dayne #1721/5000

    Indianapolis Colts
    00 Dominion Hard Corps Edgerrin James
    00 Fleer Gamers Yard Chargers Edgerrin James
    00 Topps Own the Game Edgerrin James
    99 Collectors Edge 1st Place Edgerrin James
    98 Collectors edge Rookie of the year Peyton Manning

    Tampa Bay Bucs
    95 Pacific Crown Royale Warren Sapp
    00 Dominion Rookie Pairs Joe Hamilton /Todd Husak
    99 Fleer Martin Gramatica
    96 Skybox Impact Keyshawn Johnson
    96 Skybox Impact All-Rookie Team Keyshawn Johnson
    00 UD MVP Headliners Keyshawn Johnson

    Cincinnati Bengals
    00 Donruss Rated Rookie Danny Farmer #0815/2000
    00 Hit NRG Danny Farmer
    97 Score Draft Class Corey Dillion
    00 UD Legends generation Y2K Curtis Keaton #1619/2000
    00 Topps Gold Label Peter Warrick
    00 Topps Season Opener Peter Warrick
    99 Collectors Edge Triumph Heir Supply Akili Smith
    99 Skybox Akili Smith

    Oakland Raiders
    00 Dominion Sebastian Janikowski

    Jacksonville Jaguars
    00 Collectors Edge Masters Rookie Sentinels R. Jay Soward #0901/1000
    98 Omega Fred Taylor
    00 Fleer Focus Last Man Standing Fred Taylor
    97 Pacific Invincible Moments in Time Mark Brunell
    00 UD Legends Millenium QBS Mark Brunell
    02 Bowman Erick Westmoreland
    02 Bowman Marcus Stroud

    San Diego Chargers
    00 Bowman Chrome JaJaun Seider
    00 UD MVP Trevor Gaylor
    02 Bowman Tay Cody
    00 Fleer Throwbacks Doug Flutie

    Tenesse Titans
    03 Score Tyrone Calico

    and since I collect Buffalo Bills here is everything I have of them sorted by player

    Drew Bedsoe

    1993 Topps 400 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1994 Collector's Choice Crash the Game Silver Redemption C9 Drew Bledsoe
    1994 Upper Deck 168 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1995 Classic NFL Rookies 106 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1995 Collector's Edge Die Cuts 129 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1995 Fleer Flair Preview 20 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1995 Metal Platinum Portraits 1 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1995 Playoff Contenders 11 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1995 Score 210 Drew Bledsoe SS View Price
    1995 SkyBox Impact Countdown C8 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1995 SkyBox Impact More Attitude F14 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1995 Stadium Club Extreme Corps Diffraction 200 Drew Bledsoe EC SP View Price
    1995 Topps 30 Drew Bledsoe TYC View Price
    1995 Ultra Achievements Gold Medallion 1 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1996 Action Packed 12 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1996 Collector's Choice MVPs M29 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1996 Pro Line Headliners 348 Drew Bledsoe CL View Price
    1996 Score 83 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1998 Black Diamond 108 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1998 Bowman's Best Mirror Image Fusion MI10 D.Bledsoe/J.Quinn View Price
    1998 Finest Future's Finest Refractors F6 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1998 Flair Showcase Row 1 11 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1999 Bowman 100 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1999 Collector's Edge Odyssey 89 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1999 Finest 110 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1999 Topps 70 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1999 Ultra Gold Medallion 248 Drew Bledsoe CL View Price
    1999 Ultra Gold Medallion 71 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    1999 Upper Deck Live Wires L10 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    2000 Score 115 Drew Bledsoe DP View Price
    200 Stadium Club 58
    2000 Ultra 159 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    2000 Upper Deck Victory 108 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    2001 Upper Deck Victory 193 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    2002 Private Stock 57 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    2002 Upper Deck Honor Roll 7
    2002 Upper Deck MVP 22 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    2003 Playoff Prestige 12 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    2003 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects 7 Drew Bledsoe View Price
    00 Score ScoreCard #0959/2000
    01 Pacific Dynagon #179/1999
    94 Pacific Collection

    Eric Moulds (pending)

    1999 Stadium Club Chrome 79 Eric Moulds View Price
    2000 Leaf Rookies and Stars 8
    2000 Stadium Club 109 Eric Moulds View Price
    2000 Topps Chrome 169 Eric Moulds View Price
    2000 UD Ionix 5
    2000 Upper Deck MVP 21
    2001 Fleer Game Time 54 Eric Moulds View Price
    2001 Fleer Premium 107 Eric Moulds View Price
    2001 Topps Heritage 56
    2002 Fleer Maximum Dressed to Thrill 14 Eric Moulds View Price
    2003 Playoff Prestige 14

    Travis Henry

    2001 Topps 379 Travis Henry RC
    2001 Topps Chrome Combos TC3 J.Lewis/T.Henry
    2003 Playoff Prestige 13

    Sam Aiken

    03 Topps All American rc
    03 Topps All American silver

    Josh Reed

    02 Fleer Mini
    02 Score
    02 Topps

    Tim Hasselbeck

    01 Topps rc


    86 Topps Steve Young rc
    89 Topps Troy Aikman rc

    00 Press Pass Complete Set

    Basketball rookies/inserts(some of these I may not have anymore so just ask about certain cards and I will make sure)

    Allen, Ray
    96-97 Collectors Choice Star Quest (x2)

    Archibald, Robert
    02-03 Spx rookie #1992/2999

    Bender, Jonathan
    99-00 Metal Platinum Portraits (x2)

    Butler, Caron
    02-03 Hit

    Brand, Elton
    99-00 Metal Rivalries with Shawn Kemp

    Bryant, Kobe
    01-02 Upper Deck Game Jersey Edition Purple Reign
    00-01 Upper Deck Y3K Athleticisim

    Carter, Vince
    00-01 Fleer Triple Crown Scoring Menace
    02-03 Topps Chrome Coast To Coast

    Collier, Jason
    02-03 Fleer rc

    Dickerson, Michael
    98-99 Topps Chrome rc

    Dixon, Juan
    02-03 UD Ser. 2

    Drexler, Clyde
    91-92 Upper Deck West All-Stars
    93-94 Fleer Career Highlights

    Duncan, Tim 96-97 Collectors Choice Hot Propeties

    Dunleavy Mike
    02-03 Topps Chrome
    02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects Supreme Court

    Ely, Melvin
    02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects Supreme Court

    Fisher, Derek
    96-97 UD3 Hardcourt Prospects

    Garces, Ruben
    00-01 Fleer rc

    Garnett, Kevin
    97-98 Z-Force Zuperman
    02-03 Upper Deck Series 2 Game Night

    George, Devean
    99-00 Impact rc

    Gooden, Drew
    02-03 Hit
    02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects Supreme Court

    Haislip, Marcus
    02-03 UD MVP
    02-03 UD MVP Classics #/50
    02-03 Topps (x2)
    02-03 Upper Deck Hardcourt Futures #0040/1299

    Harrington, Adam
    02-03 Topps Chrome

    Harrington, Al
    98-99 Fleer Brilliants #122B
    98-99 Topps Chrome

    Harvey, Donnell
    00-01 Fleer rc

    Hilario, Nene
    02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects Supreme Court
    02-03 Topps

    Howard, Juan
    95-96 Collectors Choice You Crash The Game Gold

    Hughes, Larry
    98-99 Press Pass Double Threat
    98-99 Upper Deck Ionix Electrix #68

    Jamison, Antawn
    98-99 Topps

    Jeffries, Jared
    02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects Supreme Court

    Jordan, Michael
    84 Missing Link Productions USA rc

    McGrady, Tracy
    00-01 Stadium Club Capture the Action

    McPherson, Paul
    00-01 Fleer rc
    00-01 Black Diamond Rookie Gems #0090/1000

    Mihm, Chris
    00-01 Fleer rc

    Miles, Darius
    00 Press Pass SE Rookie Vision
    00-01 Fleer Triple Crown Heir Force

    Miller, Mike
    00 Press Pass SE Old School

    Mottola, Hanno
    00-01 Fleer Futures Black Gold #175/500

    Mourning, Alonzo
    92-93 Topps rc

    Nachbar, Bostjan
    02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects Supreme Court

    Nowitzki, Dirk
    99-00 Metal Rivalries with Raef LaFrentz

    Odom, Lamar
    00 Press Pass Class of ‘99
    00-01 Fleer Futures Characteristics
    00-01 Fleer Hardcourt Classics

    O’Neal, Shaq
    99-00 UD MVP Electrfying
    95 Classic Hallmark Gold Crown

    Oyedeji, Olumide
    00 Fleer Futures rc

    Payton, Gary
    91-92 Upper Deck rc

    Peterson, Morris
    00 Press Pass Breakaway
    00-01 Fleer rc

    Pippen, Scottie
    00-01 Upper Deck True Talents

    Porter, Chris
    00 Press Pass SE

    Prince, Tayshaun
    02 Press Pass
    02 Hit

    Przybilla, Joel
    00-01 Fleer rc

    Ratliff, Theo
    95-96 Finest rc

    00-01 Upper Deck Game Jersey Edition rc #304
    00-01 Upper Deck Game Jersey Edition Star Rookie #221

    Rush, Kareem
    02-03 Topps
    02 Press Pass Big Numbers

    Stackhouse, Jerry
    02-03 Topps Chrome Coast To Coast

    Stoudamire, Damon
    95 Classic Rookies Wooden Award Contender
    95-96 Ultra

    Thomas, Eton
    00-01 Fleer Futures Question Air

    Tskitishnili, Nikoloz
    02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects Supreme Court

    Turkoglu, Hidayet
    00-01 Fleer rc
    00-01 Upper Deck Game Jersey Edition rc

    Van Horn, Keith
    98 Press Pass Retro
    97-98 Topps rc
    98 Press Pass Double Threat

    Voskuhl, Jake
    00-01 Fleer rc

    Walker, Antoine
    96-97 Collectors Choice rc
    96-97 Hoops rc
    96-97 Skybox Premium rc

    Webber, Chris
    93 Classic Four Sport Draft Star
    00-01 Upper Deck Total Dominance

    Wells, Bonzi
    98 Press Pass Net Burners

    Wilcox, Chris
    02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects Supreme Court (x2)

    Williams, Frank
    02-03 Upper Deck Series 2

    Williams, Jason
    99 Edge Rookie Rage Cold Ingot
    98-99 Topps Chrome rc

    Williams, Jay
    02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects Supreme Court
    02 Press Pass

    Wright, Lorenzen
    96-97 Finest Heirs

    Plus I have many base/inserts in basketball and football that I will throw in with purchases! Please help me get rid of this stuff!

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    Bryant, Kobe
    01-02 Upper Deck Game Jersey Edition Purple Reign

    is that GU
    and ill take the Jared jeffries

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    No its not and I will give you both for $2! LMK

  4. Check out the deals at Bear Ridge Collectibles eBay Store
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    Nah the bubble mailer will cost me double that!

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