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Thread: Top Runners in the Draft

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    Top Runners in the Draft

    Who does everyone think will either be first or high in the incoming NFL draft?

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    If I was an NFL team such as the Bengals I would be looking at Palmer, Leftwich, or Rogers! Still won't help them though! Their attitudes on that team seems to already have them set for a last place 2004 season.


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    BGray, you're right. They need to get a better team-related attitude and start playing to the potential they can.


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    Cincinnati Bengals are like the L.A. Clippers ---- until they completely overhaul management and ownership, they'll be mired in their trenches.

    Clipper management has let star player after star player leave b/c they won't pay top dollar.

    At least the Bengals kept Dillon.

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    Corey Dillon is worth keeping on any team. Imagine him with a dominate O-Line & a good Qb "BIGGG Numbers"

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