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Thread: Okay, this is ridiculous...

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    Okay, this is ridiculous...

    What exactly am I bidding on here? Someone once said...there is a sucker born every minute...

  2. Kronozio
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    are you really bidding on it?

    if so, why would you bid on something you don't understand?

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    No, I was being sarcastic...I stumbled across that in the listings, and I didn't believe what I was reading...

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    it wont bring up the item what was the domain name and what was the price

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    i am so confused
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    They zapped this already? I guess someone at Ebay has class after all...I don't remember the other 4 domains that he listed, but they were along the same lines as

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    listings gone... someone mind elaborating as to what the auction was for?

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