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Thread: Joey Harrington

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    Joey Harrington

    hi ther.. I do not collect football but a friend of mine gave me 5 Joey Harrington rookie cards
    3 of them are Pacific (card number 485)
    1 is topps (card number 350)
    and one is pacific heads up (card 145) 886/1090

    can someone help me out.. what are these cards worth? I know very little about football cards.. I am strictly hockey

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    2002,pacific,joey harringtons,high price is $8.00 /nm,low price is $3.00.
    2002,topps,is high,price /nm$5.00,and low is $2.00
    2002.pacific heads up,numbered,high/nm,is $20.00.and low,is $10.00........there you go check out my site thanx......
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