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    We're Back and Lookin To Make Some Trades

    plmk wut u like from our site...we're interested in autos patches and game used...or we might sell

    just let us no wut u like so we can work out a deal

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    what are you looking for, for the Portis Hot Prospects jsy....
    I have these Chrome refractor RC's from this year...Trufant BV 25, Andre Johnson BV 40 and Terrence Edwards BV 15... I would like to trade, but give me a cash offer as well...

    Clay Scott

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    dont really collect refractors sry...lmk if u have any other stuff for a nice jersey, auto, or patch

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    2001 Ripken/Murray SPx Update Dual Jersey

    I'm interested in trading for your 2001 Ripken/Murray SPx Update Dual Jersey.

    PLMK what you are looking for in a trade. Thanks.

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    Sorry i don't have much right now to trade...How much cash would you need for it...What color is the jsy....


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    clay- the portis swatch is blue, and make an offer and we'll work from there...

    abby- didnt see much i like for lmk if ull buy and if so how much

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    Well first off i don't have a beckett in front of I don't have any clue what it is worth...Would 17 bucks delivered work....Clay

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    Roy Oswalt

    I really want the Oswalt jersey auto u got coming. Lemme know what u want

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    2002 Arod Ultimate Collection Signatures /329 ***
    2000 Arod Fleer Gamers Lumber Auto Bat ***
    2003 Nomar SP Authentic Splendid Sigs /406 ***
    2002 Giambi Ultimate Colection Signatures /295
    2000 Giambi SP Authentic Chirography

    I like these too, espeacially nomar auto and arod bat auto

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    2001 Ripken/Murray SPx Update Dual Jersey

    thanks, but i'm not interested in buying

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