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Thread: Lynn Swann RC

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    Lynn Swann RC

    is anyone interested in a Lynn Swann RC? for sale my email is email me an offer if interested

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    Do you have a scan of the card?

    Always nice to see the card.

    I will move this thread over to the trading section to give your post more exposure to active buyers/traders

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    bv is $60 I really need to get half the bv plus s/h the card is in prefect condition

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    I'd have to be honest with you and say that the card is NOT in perfect condition.

    top and bottom left corners are not razor sharp.

    Also, the card is either way off-centered; or, if the scan cut off the right hand side of the card, then we cannot see how the corners on the right side looks.

    It may be in great condition for how old it is; but it's by no means perfect.

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    The corners seem to be rounded, and centering is off. It's nowhere near perfect. Sorry to break the news to you.

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    what about the corners? they look pretty rounded.

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