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Thread: Finished my first nascar set!

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    Finished my first nascar set!

    Thanks to Michael (mdclapps), I finished my first nascar set today. 2010 Press Pass Stealth. I love the look of these things.

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    No problem buddy, glad you like it!

    Your cards left the Ocean City NJ post office yesterday!
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    I will trade or buy for needed Brad Keselowski items

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    Awesome looking set!
    I have some sets (a couple arent completed, a couple are) if youre interested?

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    Congrats on completing you're first set! 1 set down MANY, MANY more to go, LOL!!!

    Happy Collecting!!!

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    Haha, I think I am gonna pick and choose which sets I collect. If not I will go crazy and broke!

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    Congrats on finishing your first set!! You`re hooked now lol.


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