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Thread: WTTF the following RC's

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    WTTF the following RC's

    I am looking for RC's of the following:

    Orlando Pace
    Shawn Springs
    Eddie George
    Joey Galloway
    Mike Doss
    Derek Ross

    Pretty much any other Ohio State players I haven't thought of. Thanks

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    Look at my www link below. I have some of everything on your lists.

    PM me if interested in ANYTHING from my list or the posts on the Indians cards you wanted.


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    I gonna send you a PM. You had a good bit I was interested in

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    I also have 96 Bowmans best George rc, 95 Select cert Galloway rc. LMK on any hockey you have or Elway

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    I will get back at ya tomorrow if not tonight.

    New baby=little sleep=get sum while ya can.



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    I've got the following if you're interested...

    -Upper Deck 95 (2)
    -Sportflix 95

    -Classic Rookies 96 (Gold and regular issue)

    -Classic Rookies 96 (Gold and regular issue)

    I'm at work so I don't have the #'s on the Classic Rookies and I believe there are a few different ones in each set. I can get those if you want.

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