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    anyone know how much this card book for?

    i just bought 3 packs of 02/03 UD superstars and i got
    Legendary leaders triple jerseys suzuki/beckham/kobe #/250..I really excited coz i got Beckham jersey and kobe in one card..but i dunno the book value of this card.I don't have current beckett mag,the recent Beckett mg i got was march 02/03.
    anyone know how much this card book for?
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    holy crap man that thing is friggin awesome to bad i got nothin close i am gonna have to buy some those and get some beckham cards maaen

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    nice pull, why cant i ever get something like that
    self pity is for the weak, and i am oh so weak, lol

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    wow...$200???wohooo..i'm lucky.I wanna sell it but i don't have account on

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    If you want to trade that let me know, I have a ton from all sports.

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