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Thread: This weeks mail.

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    This weeks mail.

    More for the Carl PC.

    Not a lot this week, but there will be more next week.

    2010 Showcase Roush 3rd Gear /50

    2009 Element Red Flag /99

    2008 Legends Auto /75

    I also got the 2005 Platinum Auto /100, but it is near impossible to scan. I might take a pic of it later.
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    Very nice!

    Turn the 66/99 upside down and you have a door number! Only turn the 66 that is....
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    Very nice man-love the look of those Legends autos! And good driver choice for the PC as always! ha

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    very nice pickups
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    Very nice mail. The legends card looks perfect!

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    Thanks guys. The Legends is probably one of my favorites. I just like the look of it.
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