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Thread: drew brees ttm question?

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    drew brees ttm question?

    I sent a card to drew brees last feburary to the saints address and havent got it back yet.. its been around 7 months. so should i try agian? or continue waiting, cause ive seen many people get success from him

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    you can try again, but you'll get a PP card back from him
    it seems he's stopped signing :(
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    It's funny. I mailed to Brees back around 12/15-12/24 ish last year. I received back around 01/20/10 my card unsigned and a generic card they sent back with it. It had a fascimile signature. I thought he was too, done signing. Then everybody and their brother that sent to him in May-June got their autos back (or at least it seemed)

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    I tried an 8x10 a few weeks ago, it seems a lot of the stuff sent back signed was bigger than a card.

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    right you are, got the pre-print 8x10 the other day. :-(

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    dont worry man, you arent the only one who missed out
    like a fool, i kept putting it off....
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    I am sending a ton of 8x10s out this month, a few other successes will make me happier about missing this boat. :-)

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    Anyone wish to PM me the private address that I have seen some success from?

    I'll keep it quiet.

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