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    What Sports Card product are you most looking forward to this year?


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    Classics in Basketball and Hockey.

    I do not even know if they will come out, but I would like to see Classics in Hockey and Basketball! I would love to have a Gretzky or a Magic card.

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    I look forward to Topps Heritage 2003 Baseball. It might be out already (im not sure).... I just cant resist the retro sets and 1954 was a great collection by Topps. One of my favorite sets as far as Eye appeal is concerned...

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    Etopps Baseball 03 and Classics!!! :hop:

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    how do i sign up a friend????

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    Originally posted by Celtics4Life
    how do i sign up a friend????
    Welcome in Celt! :)

    When your friend signs up have them put your user name in the referral box in the registration form. It's as easy as that.


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    I am just waiting for the new TOPPS original baseball product. They are the greatest!!!

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    2003 Pacific Football, and all of their other products in 2003!

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