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    I've been trying unsuccessfully to figure out how to actually add a card to my inventory from the new Inventory menu. All I can see is searching for cards. Where is the "add" function or button?

    When you search for a card, you will see a small white thing with a plus sign; should be next to the report sign. Click on that!
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    Aha... I wasn't getting the "search first then add" idea - thanks!


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    i'm lost. how do you add to your inventory

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    I think I understand now... go to Inventory Manager in the top menu, fill in as much info as you can (series, mfg, year, card # etc.) in the search fields then hit "search." You get all the cards in the database that match your search. Find the one(s) you have, click the little + icon under "actions" on the left side of the card to add to your inventory.

    It's a different way of thinking about adding cards that I would have but I guess it works ok,


    Quote Originally Posted by sbr420a View Post
    i'm lost. how do you add to your inventory

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    yeah i figured it out not to much longer after i posted.

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    any chance you guys might be able help me out. i noticed you can add different groups like say bears, cubs, tim tebow etc. i am trying to figure out how to add cards to that group, right now all my cards are in all my groups and not the indivual groups they should be in, any help with this would be great thank you
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    How do I bring the photo from the scanner jpeg. Roberto CLemente?

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    How do I bring the photo from the scanner jpeg. Roberto CLemente?
    Once you scan it you should crop and re-size if it is very large.

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