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Thread: Member Photo Thread

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    I can see them good untill half way through all stars pic then i cant get any more to come in!!

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    It is a Huge picture , but i just move over to the right and everything shows up.


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    Well Finally got one of me! this was taken back in december 02 and i had a lil alcohol in my system.. Not my most manley O yea and I am 100% Italian!
    Last edited by bl bassist; 01-05-2006 at 06:17 PM. Reason: tried to make the stupid pic smaller

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    cute picture! will that cat take to beer in the future also? ; )

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    Cat is out of the bag...

    Not very recent, but still funny. I just like the picture because of the pimp top hat :new_silly

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    Thats me and my relatives at graduation of primary school.
    I am on the right ;)

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    i finally got a pic of me that I like enough to put on the board.


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