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Thread: Portis stuff for trade

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    Portis stuff for trade

    02 Pristine Reebok NFL Rookie Premiere jsy BV 25
    02 UD RC BV 20

    I'm looking for Edgerin James Bowman Chrome RC, Ricky Williams Bowman Chrome RC, Moss Bowman Chrome RC and a Nice Portis RC to replace the two for my collection...Also any 03 Topps DP and P Chrome Refractors of Rookies...I also need a Nice Leftwich preferable chrome or refractor and a Palmer Chrome or refractor...Let me know and maybe I can work a deal out with you...I 'm also interested in the Topps All American Foil RC and the Topps Foil College Cut jsy.....

    Clay Scott

  2. Kronozio
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    ill give you a taylor jacubs gold refractor that books 25 strait up for the portis jersey.

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    I can't do that...I've been picking up Chrome Refractors for little or nothing....Sorry...

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    I'd like either, but I don't think I have anything you want.

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