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    i have a 96-97 Topps NBA at 50

    i would like to sell it or trade for hockey

    the card books $60

    i would sell it for $15 since i dont collect b-ball


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    I have 96/97 NBA hoops Grants all rookie Kobe Bryant..let me know if u intrested...thx

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    phantomkid21 i have some hockey that i have no clue what is in it...their is probably around 2000 cards...??? umm i know their are some 92 upper deck with some rcs that are of decent players i think i saw a wayne gresky card and pavel bure the cards are anywhere from the late 80's to about 97 maybe...

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    id be interested in game used but i would prefer to sell it

    id sell it for $15


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    oh ok well i know their is no game used!!! Thanks anyway!!!

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    no not at this time...i dont have the money..and i dont like to buy anyway...

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