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Thread: am i a moron

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    am i a moron

    ok.. feel free to classify me as a total moron.. but I live in a small town in southwestern Ontario.. we have half a cards hop.. what is the big deal about etopps cards?
    someone please fill me in

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    I might be wrong, but I don't believe etopps are open to Canadian residents. So move your ™™™ to America! :) eTopps COULD be the new way of collecting cards. Go on over to and watch their movie tour. It'll answer a good bit of your questions.

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    Actually I just did a quick little research on etopps and found it is open to residents of Canada.

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    You can also go to the etopps forum at this site, and you can see several of my posts of questions that the guys here at the site answered for me when I was trying to decide if I should get into them!!!

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    If the Canadians can get ETOPPS! Then I want MCDonalds to carry the far out Hockey promos in the states!!!!!!!!!! lol

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