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Thread: Metal mailday!

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    Metal mailday!

    Well, a while back I posted about me winning a Keselowski door piece off of eBay.
    Well, the guy shipped it FedEx.....long story short.....they lost it!
    But, the guy had the other door piece to go with it.
    He asked if I wanted it, or the $100 refund.
    Well, this piece is bigger, so WHY NOT take it instead of the $$
    So, here it is:

    Its the left piece in the picture.
    The one on the right is the one thats somewhere else in the USA
    Yet another sweet add for my PC!!
    Thanks for looking!

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    Amazing piece!
    Collecting: Brad Keselowski Trading Cards, Hero Cards, Diecast & More
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    I will trade or buy for needed Brad Keselowski items

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    Thanks bro!
    I hope that one day the other piece somehow gets here lol

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    Amazing piece!

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    why buy a card with a small piece of metal in it ,when ya' can have the whole side

    That is Awesome !!

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