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Thread: Need Used NBA Ticket

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    Need Used NBA Ticket

    Anyone here have any Used NBA tickects?
    I'm Not only collecting Cards but also Used Tickets from Concert,NBA match,SOccer Match.
    PLMK if u have it

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    i have a dallas mavs used tickets from march 10 twolves it is a season ticket so its big and has a pic of dirk
    also a 1997 celtics mavs ticket

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    I've got 4 unused tickets from the Anaheim Angels World Championship 2002 season with Garret Anderson on them.

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    i have indy 500 tick and millions of minor league ticks

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    I have an uncut set of 4 commemerative 2002 playoff tickets from the San Jose Earthquakes of the MLS (Major League Soccer) Each one has a different player on it.

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    ichiro and studin..i'm intrested with those tickets..pls let me know

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    I have about 7 or 8 Vancouver Grizzlies tix. Some are full and some stubs. They are the seasons tickets ones with images on them. a few have Bibby. PM me if interested

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    coll3ctor did you get my damn cards i havent got yours yet!

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