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Thread: Jay Williams RC

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    Jay Williams RC

    I'm wondering the status of him. I have a nice gold UD superstars. #d to 250 of him. He he gonna play & does all this affect the value the card?


  2. Kronozio
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    All his cards should be in decline.

    Jay had a terrible rookie year; and now, with broken knees, hips, damaged nerves and blood vessels, and having to undergo at least 3 surgeries......

    not only is he out for this entire year, but it might take 3-4 years for him to regain his form.

    Bobby Hurley was involved in a nasty car accident, and he never recovered, although he did play several more years after his rehab.

    Williams cards won't be in high demand

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    Man! He must be pretty depressed! OK, I will sell my 186/250 UD SS gold for $10. EMAIL

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    if you want to buy/sell/trade, then make a thread for it in the TRADING forum.

    this forum here is for discussions of the cards

    just a friendly reminder

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    I know all about values being harmed by injury. the first autograph I ever pulled was a bobby hurley auto, and my best auto is a ken griffey jr. autograph. Talk about huge decreases in value after the injuries :(

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    his cards will decline because of the injurys and vc will decline

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