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    Question SP Dual Excellence Bird / Erving Redemption???


    I recently purchased this redemption card:

    Does anyone have any advice on submitting redemption cards? I have only sent in five redemption cards before and I only got one back and it was the wrong player.

    I think this is a web based redemption card. How are they different? Are they more reliable?


    P.S. I HATE redemption cards but I need this card for my Larry Bird collection.

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    I haven't gotten hosed with Upper Deck's Online redemption yet, so it works for me.

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    Thanks LeChuck - How long does it take to get a card from Upper Deck's Online redemption program???

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    I have a Larry Bird card from the Star Company (not sure whether it's 1985 or 1986, I will have to go look) --- and all the Celtics cards from that year, as well

    You intereseted in getting the Larry Bird and the entire Celtics team?

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    takes anywhere from 3-5 months sometimes. You can redeem it online its much quicker and no mail hassle
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    do it online it is quicker and you dont have to deal with the mail

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