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    NPN Thought

    Most of the NPNs only say one entry per household. Well, thing is, how can they keep track of this? Here are my ideas:

    1. They enter it in a computer and everything. Very possible.
    2. The person at the card company doing the NPNs remembers everyone's address. Not very possible.

    So if they don't do option #1, then how can they keep track? I don't think they can and I am pretty sure they don't keep track of it. I have gotten several NPNs and in some of them I entered more than once for that product. Seems like a big sham to keep people from sending in lots of entries, at least to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mpact316 View Post
    probably track IP addresses
    I don't understand what you mean. Other than for UD, you send into the company for a NPN. How in the world would they know what your IP address is? If they went by IP address for online stuff, #1, how come when I enter with multiple UD accounts I still get NPNs and #2, someone could just use a proxy to get around it. Or they could just not use the same exact computer.

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    Was wondering this as well. I'm not doing any of the by mail ones anymore. Too risky to waste postage and all. I just stick with the Upper Deck ones. I have just been doing one entry for fear that they are strict on it. Don't want to lose my one chance if thats the limit. But then you see people who have gotten multiple wins so I don't know. For now I'll stick to my one entry per to be safe. I'd enter daily if I could but until I know it's ok to do so then I won't.
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    what is the wait time for UD npns???..I'm with you Roaddogg..don't want to waste time and stamps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mpact316 View Post
    what is the wait time for UD npns???..I'm with you Roaddogg..don't want to waste time and stamps.
    Not really sure. I actually have gotten 2, but never really kept track of them. I just all of the sudden got 2 packages from UD and it was a shock to me lol.
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    They have your information already for shipping purposes. As a software database guy it would be very simple to connect your account ID (likely your login username) with your address (something like an addressID) to a ProductID. It has nothing to do with IP, if that were the case you could proxy all day long and enter 1000 times.

    For Upper Deck at least I am sure they have a decent database which keeps track of everything. That being said even the best built databases have problems! The one thing that bothers me is that i live in a condo, one address with many different units. If my theory is correct I hope that they count multiple dwelling units such as these as a household.

    Anyways when you enter the NPN draw you are passing your login information, which contains your address into the database which holds the particular set information:

    eg. Username: Brent
    AddressID: 1234 (My address when imputed generating a unique ID)
    Product: The Cup 09/10

    For each time I enter after the first it simply queues the database for my particular information and disregards it if it finds a match, else it adds it to the stack. I highly doubt any time you enter your request after the fist has any benefit or drawback, it simply does nothing. If it does get added more than once and its only a matter of being crossed off the availability after you win something the designers need a good slap.

    For mail ins I am sure it is a different story. They will draw the index card first, then enter the information into the system. Sending many entries (short of stamp and time expenses) would increase your chances of getting a lotto pick but if it is limited to one per household after the first win you would be in their system and it would spit out no dice on multiple wins. So increase your chances to get a npn card sent but after the first one your stamps go to waste.

    Hope this help explain things.


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