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Thread: HOF Rc's for trade 3 sports

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    HOF Rc's for trade 3 sports

    I'm looking to trade or sell my pc for some different stuff. Will also of course trade my "for trade cards". In addition to what is in my bucket I also have

    Hank Conger 06 bowman draft chrome x25
    Brett Anderson 07 Bowman chrome x11
    Kyle Blanks 06 Bowman chrome x18
    Asdrubal Cabrera 06 bowman chrome x25
    John Ely 07 Bowman draft Chrome x33
    Greg Halman 08 bowman sterling auto x4
    Greg Halman 08 bowman chrome x10
    Yunel Escobar 05 bowman draft chrome x7
    Brandon Erbe 05 bowman draft chrome x10

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