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Thread: Scanner Question - PLEASE Help

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    Scanner Question - PLEASE Help

    Ok, so I bought a new scanner Lexmark X2670. I had an HP 2200c but it is not compatible with my new computer. The software that came on this new scanner doesn't let me "Preview" the scan to fit the card to the full screen. The image is just a small card in the upper corner and I cannot adjust the size or fit it to the full screen. It was so simple on my last one, but I just cannot figure this out. I don't know if I need to download new software or what. Please help.

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    You probably don't have to download new software but rather adjust a setting in the preview/scan section. Try google to find a manual for the scanner. It's kinda difficult to understand what your trying to do exactly, sorry. BTW, this isn't the correct place to post this question.

    Edit: try reading this article
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    or do what i do with mine..after scanning and saving to your photo gallery, click on it and resize it with the fix button

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