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Thread: Still looking for these cards

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    Still looking for these cards

    2001 PACIFIC ATOMIC #/506
    194 Robinson,191 C.Wilson,164 A.King
    4 R Moore,17 A Thomas*,18 B Urlacher*,19 C Dillon
    22 C Enis,25 M Anderson,27 J Stewart,33 P Manning
    36 J Smith,47 D Bledsoe,65 J Porter,70 C Woodson
    78 R Proehl,86 J.J. Stokes,88 K Bailey,97 J Kearse,98 D Mason


    2000 SPX Ron Dayne

    1999 Leaf R&S J.Kearse #298

    2001 Fleer Glossy Jamal Reynolds #429

    2001 Absolute D.Alexander #114

  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    You should get responses on that dayne. I have seen many aroudn when ive looked for other dayne memorabilia for my collection


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    I have a 1999 LRS Kearse that I will be willing to trade. I am mostly looking for Onterrio Smith, but might consider other players. What do you have? My player wantlist is on my web page along with a scan of that card.

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