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Thread: Ryeinc's TTM Success Thread

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    Ryeinc's TTM Success Thread

    What's up guys? Just got back into "TTMing", got some requests out there so decided to start a thread for it.

    Today I got (Through the e-mail on his website) two signed 8x10s by Country Music Legend George Jones. One's for me and the other is for my grandparents who are big fans. Thanks George!

    Here's one of the 8x10s-

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    nice job...keep it up man
    Every curse, lie, violation of our lives. Every careless shallow breath,
    Corruption of our minds. All the blood and the shame, defamation of name.
    The weight of a wicked world embodied on a thankless crucifix

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    Nice job!
    Is it me or does George Jones resemble "Fire Marshall Bill"!?

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    He didn't sign what I sent him but, I got this awesome signed photo from John Williams (He wrote the Star Wars theme, JAWS Theme, Jurassic Park theme, just to name a few) today. This is getting framed and hung on my wall

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    Got two cool e-mail successes today.

    First I got former "con man" Frank Abagnale Jr., who was the inspiration for the book, movie, and soon to be Broadway show "Catch Me If You Can". The movie's awesome, watch it if you ever get the chance. I think the photo he sent me was a "win-win" for me because 1. I like the movie, and 2. I love game shows, and the photo is of him when he appeared on "To Tell The Truth". He also sent me a signed postcard with a picture of the "CMIYC" Broadway poster on the front. Thanks Frank!

    And next I got a signed photo from former crew chief of my favorite driver (Dale Sr.), and now announcer for FOX Sports, Larry McReynolds. Thanks Larry!

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    very cool return.. Love the McReynolds.. Very nice.

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    Thanks for the comments guys! I appreciate it! Got an awesome one back today, the co-star of one of my favorite movies, Mr. Richard Dreyfuss! He signed a JAWS Universal Studios Postcard and two custom photos with a picture of the three stars, and a line he said in the movie. I offered him one of the photos, but he signed both! Thanks Richard!

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    Got tennis legend Andre Agassi today, very nice! Now I sent to his foundation, so if you do the same I suggest sending a donation, I sent $2. Thanks Andre!

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    If you watch Ghost Adventures you may recognize this name, Bobby Mackey. He's a country music singer and owns Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, KY which is said to be the most haunted nightclub in the world. It's been featured on many ghost shows, most recently Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures. Bobby wrote a song called "Johanna" that is about a ghost that is said to haunt is bar/club, and a while back I made a YouTube slideshow video with the song and some pictures of his club. It's been my most viewed YouTube video and just recently hit 6,000 views. Now I'm friends with Bobby on Facebook and I posted the video to his wall saying it just hit 6,000 views. He then messaged and thanked me for making the video and said if I sent him my addy he'd send me an autograph. Got it today, it's really cool, it's a little booklet that has some information on him, he signed it on the front and inscribed it "To Ryan". Thanks Bobby!

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