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Thread: Vin Scully signing

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    Vin Scully signing

    He doesn't have a very good reputation for singing TTM. And, now that he's retired, he's tougher than ever to get IP.

    It's pricey, but here's the details on an upcoming Vin Scully signing.

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    If it was local to me I would drop off my item there but the signing by is like 500 miles away from me,the price I could swing ,but the uncertainty of shipping a poster previous autographed by 144 dodgers I can't do it!!!

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    Yeah, I can understand the anxiety. I mean, how much would you even insure something like that for? Aside from the dollar amount, how do you put a price on the time spent getting all of those autos?

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    Really, I had always heard he was great signing ttm in his active days at least. I got him ttm a few years ago.

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    I'm, admittedly, new to the TTM thing. But, according to the TTM manager, his success rate is 33%.

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    I know he is an all time great and someone any baseball fan would love to have in their collection. The sad part now is that anytime I here a baseball game announced I think of Brockmire! Congrats to anyone who adds this signature to their collection!
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