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Thread: Phillies IP Graphing

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    Phillies IP Graphing

    Can anyone give any tips for graphing the Phillies @ Citizens Bank Park on a Sunday?
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    Hey bud I went there for the Mets series a few weeks ago, if you park across from the linc it was $10 (I got there 10am for a 1pm game) walk down where the Lot gates have a guard and fence you'll see a barricade some guys will sign there ( I didn't get any but a guy there said he gets often) inside the stadium I was there for gates, 3rd base and 1st base line going up to the outfield you'll have some Guys signing ( I got Jerry Blevins, chasen Bradford, josh smoker, Curtis granderson) good luck!! Who are they playing

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    Not sure if you are still needing tips, but here is what I have...

    GET THERE EARLY!!! Players start showing up about 4 hours before game time (sometimes earlier).

    Have stuff for both teams (and plenty of "generic" items (blank autograph cards, balls, etc.)

    What Josh said above about hanging by the player entrance is solid advice. But, as soon as the gates open, get inside for BP. Try to get the guys shagging fly balls. Take a big sign (look lke a fan, not an autograph seeker) and you will likely get their attention. They may just chat with you but not sign (but, that's pretty cool too).

    After the game, get right back to the player entrance.

    Some of the people I've got a CBP... Lasorda, McGwire, Carlos Martinez, Zach Duke, talked with Adam Wainwright, and got a BP ball from Sam Tuivailala. I've also seen Ripken, Eckersley and other broadcasters sign there during the postseason.

    Good Luck! Let us know how you did :)

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