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    "night of champions" and the main event has nothing to do with titles

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    lost the stream for a sec,did cena have his car

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    glad big mark finally got a belt- guy has definately paid his dues. i am sorta surprised how bad theyve made orton look over the last month though- usually when someone gets clobbered for weeks in a row like orton did, they win the big ppv match. mark henry/sheamus will be the next feud i think...or this brings taker back for another title run in a couple months
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    The Champ is Here.
    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greengoblin782 View Post
    The Champ is Here.

    now mavsfan dont feel alone

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    Had to give him the belt...have to have some stand offs with him and Rock for survivor series

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    Quote Originally Posted by keith1369 View Post
    Now mavsfan dont feel alone
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    OMG that is the best shirt ever created!

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