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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Braun View Post
    really hoping Santino drops the US title to Cesaro at the pre-show...
    Same here. And I like that Damien Sandow is getting a chance to show he can do well on the main roster. Guy is one of the more entertaining people they have at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gladdyontherise View Post
    Better they say something rather than nothing, right?

    better they chant Goldberg and not Gillberg

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    If rumors are true on the wrestling gossip sites Alex Shelley has officially signed a contract with WWE.

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    So what do you guys think of Antonio Cesaro winning the United States Championship on the pre-show?

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    Thank you WWE for removing Santino off of the US Title. Before his title run, I was hoping he'd be released by the WWE.

    Side note, Rey's match is up next, and I'd love nothing more than to see him win the Intercontinental. As far as Cesaro, I think he has some real potential as a heel. He does have talent, just has to be brought in right.

    EDIT: Rey's batman look is awesome. haha.

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    That had to be one of the worst PPV I have ever seen!

    Have Triple H go out on a loss?

    That match was horrible overall
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    glad i didnt pay for that one, sorry to my friend who did though- for one of their "big 3", WWE dropped the ball BIG TIME
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    Yeah wasn't what SummerSlam should be... I dunno, Ric Flair went out on a loss, wouldn't be that surprising if The Game hung it up. I could be wrong.

    I'm glad Punk retained, the story could go much deeper. I'd give the whole PPV a D.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMan1978 View Post
    That had to be one of the worst PPV I have ever seen!

    Have Triple H go out on a loss?

    That match was horrible overall
    well it did make more sense for that to happen than all of the hype with Lesnar coming back to WWE and losing his first two matches to Cena and Hunter

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    I didn't even watch. I knew looking at the card this PPV would be a let down.
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