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    3MB is just bad, and I still can't wrap my finger around Jinder Mahal being a part of it?

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    Well the question I am going to ask has to do with Alberto Del Rio and his scarfs. I see in the new WWE Topps 2012 Heritage set there is a relic that says authentic scarf on it but shows what looks like a black shirt relic. Has he ever came out to the ring with a black scarf on?
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    gob, found this on google images.

    It's one of the only if not the only picture though... This must have been a rare black scarf occasion.

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    I believe at the very begining of his wwe run he had a black scarf one time
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    Guess Alberto Del Rio is on the naughty list this year.
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    The John Cena / CM Punk animation at the start of Raw was, by far, the best "wrestling" that I have seen in months. However, my favorite part of Raw was hearing Booker T say "John, do it for Santa." I got my three hours of entertainment in the first ten minutes.

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    Really.....Really......Really.....Really......Real ly

    Way to go WWE and ruin a match for tomorrow nights RAW.
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    So Del Rio almost killed Santa last week, and now he is a full blown face? OK
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