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    Quote Originally Posted by Apocalypz26 View Post
    who wants to bet Cole will be slapped in the face? lol

    oh yea its gonna happen lol

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    this match has gone too long 5 minutes ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by HerdsMan87 View Post
    that raw was pretty bad haha
    Agreed the best part of the show was the first 20 min

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    Quote Originally Posted by brandonbarnett View Post
    Agreed the best part of the show was the first 20 min
    and when the Bella's came out

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    Having to listen to Truth and Morrison cut a 10 minute promo was TERRIBLE. Those guys absolutely suck on the mic. Hope we never have to hear either of them again.

    On the bright side....Truth turning heel should mean I never have to hear him sing again, so that's a plus.

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    All the botches by Sin Cara were pretty bad too. Overall a pretty crappy Raw.

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    jomo isn't bad on the mic. he isn't great either. i think the heel turn for truth will be entertaining but he was pretty ridiculous asking for cigarettes and water. it was nice to finally see some matches on raw instead of promos all night. i think the low point for me was throwing cena in the sin cara/riley match. but then again no one cares about watching riley so I guess they had to spice it up a bit. is ziggler going for a BA kinda angle? if so i think its a great move because all his blustering around before made him seem weak which in turn led to losses.

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    Everything from Morrison seems so forced when I hear sounds like he's literally looking down onto a piece of paper and reading what it says.

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