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    NCAA New Haven (3) 2011 Football schedules, (3) 2011 Women's Soccer schedules, (3) 2011 Men's Soccer schedules, (3) 2011 Cross Country schedules, (3) 2011 Women's Volleyball schedules, (3) 2011-12 Men's Basketball schedules, (3) 2011-12 Women's Basketball schedules

    NCAA Missouri Western State (3) 2011 Fall Sports schedules

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    NCAA Tiffin (2) 2011 Fall Sports schedules, (2) 2011-12 Winter Sports schedules

    NCAA Redlands (3) 2011 Fall Sports schedules

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    NCAA Memphis (3) 2011-12 Men's Basketball schedules, (3) 2011-12 Women's Basketball schedules

    NCAA Misericordia (3) 2011-12 Winter Sports schedules

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    University of Georgia- Jr Bulldog Club Application, 1 Women's Basketball Schedule, 1 Men's Basketball Schedule, 1 Football Schedule, 1 Women's Soccer Schedule, 11 Women's Volleyball Schedules.

    University of Minnesota- 2 Football Schedules, 1 Football Poster, and 1 Gopher Spirit T-Shirt!

    It's a really cool shirt, fits too! I'm very grateful, gonna' wear it tomorrow!

    Here's the design on the front-

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    NCAA Purdue 2011 Football schedule, 2012 Football schedule, 2011-12 Men's Basketball schedule, 2011-12 Women's Basketball schedule, 2011 Big Ten Football schedule, 4 posters (2011 Football schedule, 2011 Women's Soccer schedule, 2011-12 Men's Basketball schedule, 2011-12 Women's Basketball schedule), pencils, 2 photos (Autograph of Head Coach Danny Hope, 2011 Football Team)

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    NCAA Tennessee 2011 Football schedule, poster (2011 Football schedule), 2 photos (Tyler Bray, Herman Lathers, Prentiss Waggner, Malik Jackson, Justin Hunter, Ja Wuan James, Tauren Poole, Derek Dooley on the same photo, Derek Dooley)

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    Wisconsin - Wrestling, Men's & Women's Soccer, Men's & Women's Basketball, 2 Men's & 2 Women's Hockey pocket schedules

    Perdue - Basketball magnet schedule, Fall pocket schedule, football pocket schedule, basketball schedule, football team photo, autograph photo from Coach Danny Hope, 3 player photos (Joe Holland, Albert Evans, Carson Wiggs), pencil, posters (Men's & Women's basketball, Men's swimming, football)

    St. John's - Drawstring bag, drink koozie, 8 tattoos, red storm poster, pom pom

    Tennesse - 2 Football pocket schedules, Men's & Women's basketball pocket schedules, 8x10 (coach Cuonzo Martin, coach Derek Dooley, Football team, basketball poster (Cameron Tatum), football poster

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    I emailed University of Maine and got an email back saying they don't do fanpacks but they would send me one because of my circumstances which i described in my letter. I received 4 posters and a slew of pocket schedules. Not bad for a place that had to ask me what a fanpack was!

    I also received the Arkansas fanpack and Wisconsin fan pack, same as everyone else has gotten, nice stuff.
    I collect NY Yankees, NY Giants, NY Rangers, NY Knicks, and NJ Nets. I am willing to trade. PM me if you have any cards signed by players from these teams.

    Working on collecting all living New York Giants (football) and New York Yankees. The question is which team drives me nuts first!!!

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    University of Oregon- 2 2011 Pocket Schedules, 1 2011 Magnet Schedule, 1 Chip Kelly Photo (Reprint Autograph), and 1 really cool Oregon pin! I've gotten a few pins in fanpacks lately (three I believe), they're a really cool item to get!

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