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    How long have you been doing TTM?

    I apologize if there's already been a thread on this.

    Simple question: How long have you been in the TTM game? I know lots of people have stopped and continued at one point too.

    I started about 14 months ago.

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    13-14 years.
    NOT doing 50/50s nor consignments!

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    I started in the beginning of September of 2009, and have gotten quite a few back. Very fun and affordable to do TTM.

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    Also 14 months on the nose
    Zack, the Detroit Tigers & TTM/IP autograph collector
    I don't check here often, so PM me if you can't wait.

    I DO NOT support the Panini/new Donruss company and am not interested in there cards.
    Please refrain from offering those in trades with me

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    I started in 1992, but had a LONG break from 1995-2009. Girls, beer, and school got in the way for a while.

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    I did a few here and there (maybe half a dozen a month) starting in late 2008, but really picked up last April. For the last 11 months, I've been hooked.
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    R.I.P Stefanie Spielman, Dante Lavelli, Bob Feller, Jack Tatum

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