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    Questions about SASE for bigger items.

    Hey everyone sorry to bother y'all but I have a question about SASE. I recently contacted a former baseball player who said he would sign my jersey if I mailed it out to him. I bought a big enough bubble mailer for both the jersey and the return mailer.

    My question is how do I get the correct postage for the SASE. Do I just take it up to my local PO and get them to put the proper postage? (I don't have a scale here are home yet so I do most of my TTM drop-offs at the PO.) I have never really done a SASE this big so I don't know the protocol since most of my TTM's just require a stamp or two. Thanks again for the help!

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    Here's what I did when I ttm'ed a jersey to Bobby Doerr.

    I folded the jersey nicely and placed it in a huge freezer zip lock. I placed this, LOR in a standard envelope with $25, and a bubble mailer SASE that could fit the bag. I got postage for it from my local USPS. I then set all of this in a flat rate priority mail box and shipped it out.

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    I have them way it..get the stamps, then fold my sase so it would fit in

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    I just go to my local post office. They have an automated postage machine in the lobby that you can mail just about any size package with. I just weigh the package and determine how much postage is needed then buy that amount twice.

    You can do the same thing at the customer counter as well.

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    They have an automated postage machine in the lobby
    They need more of those things around. They are great.

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    For Mr. Bruschi I put around $7-8 of forever stamps on the SASE and it worked out fine for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by JVazz29 View Post
    They need more of those things around. They are great.
    I've never seen one--then again I only use my small town PO and sometimes I'll get stamps at Wal-Mart if I'm there. Wish there was one here.

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    Thanks for the help, I'm sending it out tomorrow. My local PO doesn't have one of those machines but there is a PO about 5 miles from that one that has one. I'll try the machine out maybe but if all else fails I'll just go to the clerk and get them to put the right postage. I just didn't know if they would be able to. I'll keep you guys posted.

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