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Thread: Special tracking tips?

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    Special tracking tips?

    I have heard all sorts of things over the years for tracking dates on items sent outside of the databases. For instance you have someone like Yogi Berra who can be very hit and miss. You have tried to mail to him many times and you were like zero out of four tries. You finally get a return, but who knows when you tried the request that worked! Do you have three more on the way and he is just behind on his mail? Did you start working on a set that has him and you need it and are unsure what address you used? I want to hear what "tricks you use to track you mailings!"

    Databases~That gives us an idea of when we mailed and what addresses we tried.

    Ink Colors~I use a different color of ink on my SASE to seperate events. Last ST my SASE were all in green ink. Two years ago my ST requests SASE were red as are this years. Last year regular season was black ink sase and two years ago my regular season was blue as it will be again this year.

    Label date sent on inside of sase envelopes.~just take time to date the inside of the SASE as to mailed date.

    Does anyone do other things to their SASE to follow up on about when or exactly when their items were sent?
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    I tend to write the initials of the player on the back of my SASE's. Nothing special, but it helps me keep track. Also, I don't send to a player a second time unless my pen dies (I alternate between blue and black ink). That way, I can at least have some idea.
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    If I send more than once to a guy, I do a couple things to distinguish:

    1) Write down the exact items I sent to that player. Even though players have been known to switch cards on me every now and then, I think it still helps me tell them apart.

    2) I use different stamps on the SASE. One might have an evergreen forever stamp and the other a liberty bell forever stamp. That is what I base my returns from if I've sent to that player multiple times, and it has not failed me yet.

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    I use an Excel spread sheet to track every request that I send out. I have columns for Name, Date Sent, Items Sent, Items Returned, Date Returned, Comments.

    I write the corresponding row # on the SASE in case it comes back unsigned without my letter. This has happened a few times and I am still trying to figure 2 out from before I started labeling my SASE.

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    I keep a Word Document for all my TTM ventures. I just type the items I sent, the date, and any other specifics that are important like a donation or if I send a pen. If I'm working on a set I have a seperate file for that. I keep categories too, like 8x10, balls, figures, jersey, ect.

    In the cases of hit or miss guys, or if I send the same card (for sets) to various addresses or times of the year I know by the stamp. I usually buy the newest stamp I really enjoy and run with that. This year for ST I am using the Ronald regan stamps. This helps me because I know the general time I sent just by looking at the stamp.

    The only reason I don't put a players name, or card #, or anything to document who or what it is on the SASE, I think if a player sees that they will think you are less of a fan and more of a risk to sell things. I know, it's odd, but I try to take every precaution to try and improve my results.

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    I just put the sent date on the SASE.
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