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Thread: Card show buys

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    Card show buys

    I went a little overboard at the card show tonight. I got some decent deals though.
    Most of my purchases were for people who requested certain cards in trade. Here they are:

    4 jumbo packs, 1 rack pack, 2 reg. packs Fleer Platinum - should have resisted - best card was a Drew Gooden Freshman Fabric. I got a couple Platinum Portraits that I don't have though

    Topps Chrome commons and rookies (for my set)

    Jerome Williams - 96/97 Topps Chrome, Bowman's Best refractor, and atomic refractor. 96-97 Topps Draft Redemption

    01-02 SP Authentic RCs - Mengke Bateer (film) Kirk Haston (film), Zejko Rebraca (auto), Kenny Satterfield (auto)

    01-02 SP Authentic Signature - Gerald Wallace

    01-02 Flight Team - Michael Bradley/125

    02-03 Topps - Butler, Stoudemire, Lakers Champions, MJ, Top Tandems (Jordan/Hamilton), Verticality MJ

    02-03 Topps Chrome - Coast to Coast (ref's I think - doesn't say) Marbury, Pierce. base MJ, white-border Stojakovic (looking for these so I was happy)

    02-03 Stadium Club - Garnett, Gooden, Hustlers McGrady, All-star Coverage (jsy) J. Richardson, Lone Star Signature - Lavor Postell

    02-03 Upper Deck - Antonio McDyess Game Jersey

    Whew. I'm tired now

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