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    I really need help on this card...

    I have a card that I have had for like 5 years and NEVER have found a value for it. This card is from Basketball Rookies that was out around 95 or so. It's a Showtime Kevin Garnett card. Here's the strange thing, Beckett says the card does not exist. They no longer list the card in the regular beckett but the last time I saw the listing for the insert set it said "card S4 does not exist"! I know it does exist because I have it. I got it out of a box I bought from Sam's Club back then. I have written to the "Reader's Write" thing with beckett and they didn't answer :( I guess if it actually involves work to figure out about this card they don't want to do it. Can anyone tell me where to find a value on this card? Any help would be appreciated.

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    best place to look is in the quarterly beckett basketball. It comes out every 3 months I think. They list all the hard to find cards there

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    last time I looked in it I think it was called Beckett Plus or something and it said it didn't exist as well....

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    basketball card plus is the best source for all of the pricings

    u could always go to tho and look up the prices of cards

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    it's not either that's what I am trying to explain...BECKETT SAYS THE CARD DOESN'T EXIST.

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