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Thread: Selling My GU Collection!!!

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    Talking Selling My GU Collection!!!

    Hey I am trying to sell my GU basketball cards at the moment to get some extra spending money for LA. I MAY be willing to trade but only for Spurs. Email me if you have any Q"s. Peace Since I can't get the pics to work on here, please visit my website. thanks

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    could use both your wagner game used pm me

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    i like the topps chrome stoyakavich
    i have a tim duncan rookie
    and a tim duncan numbered 9 of 10give you both for the card i listed

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    What is the Tim Duncan 9/10? and which set is the rookie from? more details

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    yes the rookie is 9 of 10 and im not sure the brand have to look when i get back to my other house

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    Tony Parker RCs or jerseys, Ginobili RCs or jerseys, or TD or D-Rob jersey cards. You know that by saying "jersey" i mean "jersey card". Just clarifying myself.

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    well still cant get it today i think it is the hoops rookie
    the other is a fleer tradition glossy 2001 9 of 10

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    alright i have 2 tim duncan rookies they are nba hoops one is a hoops rookie 9 of 10 cb
    the other tim duncan that isnt a rookie is a fleer tradition glossy gamebreakers 9 of 10 gb

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